Cables – out, Online Cable – In?

Some years ago when my son was in the oven, my wife and I spoke about the fact that we hardly ever watch tv anymore and we would watch even less once the child would come. One point which kept surfacing throughout the conversation was the astronomical amount we were paying each month and what bad content we were getting.

This point would become even more painful once we had our son and wouldn’t even have time to watch all the bad content we were paying too much for. So, we were faced with two options:

1. Pay a ridiculous amount of money for a service or product which we would not be consuming.

2. Cancel the cable and buy a good home entertainment system.

Point one obviously makes no sense and my wife, being an accountant, has no sentiments when it comes to money so we went for option 2 and guess what?  We never looked back. However, I knew I had to find some online cable somehow…

People were awestruck when we told them that we didn’t have any cable TV.  Min you, this was before everybody had the internet in their palm, youtube had just begun and facebook was still being dreamed up on some college campus….people couldn’t understand how we lived.

I connected some makeshift RF antenna on the roof and we could catch the news and main football games – and life was good. If we wanted a movie we would rent it and when my son grew a bit and he wanted to watch the box we found a huge market for dvd’s for his age, and every age for that matter. This also enabled us to control exactly what kind of content he was watching. Some of the kid shows today are, to my opinion, not suited for a human to watch, let alone my son!!

Today my son is 6 and my daughter is about to turn 4 and we still have no cable – isn’t that great? He watches some stuff at friends but he grew up in a house where the TV was hardly turned on and it was never a central part of the home dynamics and atmosphere.

I love that.

However, all good things must come to an end – right? He IS getting older and is beginning to see more at friends’ houses and I don’t want him to hear one day that some friend doesn’t want to come home to him because they wont be able to watch this or another of their programs they are in to….SO! what do I do? There must be some cable online for this kind of solution….

The truth is: I don’t know. I simply don’t know….I only know one thing – I am never paying the cable company their CRAZY rates! EVER!

Which leaves me with very limited possibilities-namely the internet. But where? How? What?

Piracy?!?!?!? I don’t think so and even that doesn’t solve the issue since the issue is that I need to have current TV shows on when they are on – right?

Frankly – I do miss the discovery channel and NG…..

OK, now I have said it publicly so I can’t take it back and I’ll say it again:

I will never pay the cable company their crazy rates! EVER! (It feels good just to write it :) )

Click Here to see what I’m thinking about

That’s it for this post I think guys.

So long for now – I wish you happiness and I hope you get rid of your cable TV as well -believe me, your life will improve.


Happy Easter,


Alternative solutions for cable TV

Hello and welcome to my blog,

My name is Samual or Sammy if you wish…and I am tired of paying too much money for really bad content on my tv.

seriously, I only see bad crappy content on all the hundreds of tv stations that the cable companies provide – and for WHAT A PRICE!!!!!!!!

It’s unbelievable to say the least.

But what are the options? I want to watch the news, football – or soccer for my American readers, which is the only sports I really like watching…National Geographic, Discovery…or even just slump on the couch on the rare occassion that I have a quite evening for myself.

My kids also want it – they have all kind of stuff they like on the box.

But I can’t rationalize this expense any more – the value for my money has gone down and down for years and I’m TIRED of IT!!!!!

So, I have created this blog in order to express my frustrations with, hopefully, people whom share these frustrations and can relate and also perhaps even …..dare I say it?

To find a solution…

what with all the ‘wisdom of the masses’ buzzing around – we should be able to come up with a solution together – me & you baby :) and something legal of-course…

So, good luck to me and my blog and to all of us who are tired of paying too much to the cable companies for bad bad bad bad bad bad content…….


See ya,